Our notarial office is there to offer you its LEGAL ADVICE and SERVICES.

Are you an intimate but unmarried couple living together and sharing expenses? If yes, then you are considered common-law partners. Are you aware of all your rights?

Have you been appointed executor of a will by heirs, or through a will? What is there to do? Are you aware of the responsibilities you’ll have?

The mandate in anticipation of incapacity will protect you and your loved ones in the situation where you wouldn’t be any longer capable of taking care of yourself.

Your notary will be able to guide you and carry out the necessary steps to ensure that the suitable arrangement is implemented in the best interest of the incapacitated individual.

When shopping for a mortgage, you should also be concerned with the mortgage agreement the lender will ask you to sign.

Are you married or civilly united? Whether or not you have children, you and your spouse are considered a family in the eyes of the law.

Drafting a will should not be taken lightly. When it’s time to carry out your last wishes, you may not be around to see them come true!

There are many tax laws and these laws have an impact on the daily lives of all Quebecers.